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Innovation Coronation

Feb 4, 2019

Innovation is an important part of the Austrian economy in order to remain competitive as a company worldwide and in the long term. The innovative history of omis 4.0 began more than 10 years ago. At that time, Software as a Service and 100% web platforms were still unknown territories for many users.

Even today, every day we are constantly innovating omis 4.0 to make your job easier.

One way we can achieve this is trough a constant exchange of experiences with our customers. Another, and no less important source of ideas are our employees. Every day, they are in the element  of omis 4.0 and know everything that is necessary to use our platform optimally and efficiently. Often ideas span from new omis 4.0 functions to new modules, process improvements or changes of internal structures.

In order to not let any idea go unnoticed, we collect and evaluate all ideas in a stage-gate process.

The best ideas of our employees are awarded annually. With the relocation to our new office building we were able to hold the award together with our Christmas party at our new open space area. Our open spae area is an open, communicative space - perfect for company events, workshops or short, informal meetings.