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Planning security for your investments

Okt 10, 2018

As Managing Director of a medium-sized retail chain with 400 branches, Christian is responsible for the optimal distribution of financial resources. Investments are key decisions and have a long-term strategic importance for the company. An investment is difficult to revert.

Particularly information on the condition of the devices were hard to get for Christian. Decisions were often made with incomplete, unsatisfactory data. In order to get the information required for decisions, a considerable administrative effort was necessary. Since the introduction of OMIS in the company, all information is stored in one central place. With the help of all the collected equipment and fault data, he is optimally equipped for planning his investment budget.
With OMIS’ powerful reporting, he is now able to make decisions based on facts and figures with just a few clicks. Christian immediately sees how often and what malfunctions occur on each device and how much has been invested in its maintenance. This allows him to quickly detect potential issues and calculate the best time to replace devices. This creates greater planning security for new investments.

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