OMIS Modules brings you more sucess with your maintenance.

The easy object management

The Basic Module includes the whole Object Management of Equipment, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure. The total ordering  process of faults , periodic maintenance, work and material disposition can be managed. OMIS Basic Module provides you with different reports, gives you object history and delivers important KPI´s for your maintenance business.

  • Location-independent traceability of equipment
  • Cloud based system


Management and distribution of fault reports

Management and distribution of fault reports

With  the online dispatching function OMIS is able to distribute fault reports  in time to the relevant person or service organization. The current status will be reported in the system.

  • Satisfied customers through less fault reports and better quality of service
  • Weak points will be faster identified


Order Management 

Offers and orders for the daily business of your equipment and buildings are centralized managed. The module is also able to send the order automatically depending on a set valued in the system.

Management of legal and preventive test dates

These module manage all service and test dates.

  • Avoid down times
  • Extend the lifetime and reduce thereby the cost for reinvestment
  • Extending the cycle time of maintenance

Support for the planing of your investbudget

With all the collected data of equipment and faults this module gives you the optimal support for your reinvestment planning. 

  • Efficent reporting for your strategic and permanent improvement
  • Secure for planning of your invest.

Integrated Document Management

It is possible to upload different documents (plan, picture, test certificate,..) to the related equipment or faults. A complete documentation is warrented and always available wherever you need it.

  • Complete documentation of your retail site.
  • Less administration costs
  • More transparency for all involved parties

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