OMIS - All Modules and options on one view

OMIS is a software which you can optimal configure with the different modules and options. The software is developed in a way so that you can adapt the functions and number of users.


Okt 10, 2018

As Managing Director of a medium-sized retail chain with 400 branches, Christian is responsible for the optimal distribution of financial resources. Investments are key decisions and have a long-term strategic importance for the company. An investment is difficult to revert.

Apr 4, 2018

Andrea has been working in a company with a large network of branches for 15 years. In her role as head of the claims department, she is responsible for the entire handling and documentation of all incurred insurance damages.

Jan 28, 2018

As a maintenance manager for a decentralized company, Carl makes important financial and investment decisions with the senior management. His job is to control, plan and monitor economic processes. Carl 's evaluations help to quickly identify the potential for savings and improvements in the company and its environment.